Search for GRBs with extended emission using Swift/BAT and Fermi/GBM data

Author: Z. Funda Bostanci, Y. Kaneko, E. Gögüs

Abstract: Some gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) exhibit softer, low intensity extended emission (EE) components following initial short-hard spikes. These events are considered as a separate population between short and long GRBs. In our previous work (Bostanci, Kaneko, Gögüs, 2013, MNRAS, 428, 1623), we presented the results of our systematic search for EE components following initial short GRB spikes using BATSE data. We identified 19 GRBs with EE and then investigated temporal and spectral characteristics of their initial spikes as well as their EE. In this work, we extend our systematic search to Swift/BAT and Fermi/GBM observations. We present the results of the systematic search and their spectral and temporal properties. Comparing with our previous work, we discuss the current interpretation of these events as a separate hybrid class of GRBs.