CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor on the ISS

Author: Kazutaka Yamaoka

Abstract: The CALET (Calorimetric Electron Telescope) is a Japanese-lead mission in collaboration with Italy and US on the ISS sheduled for launch in July 2014. The primary objective is to clarify the origin of high energy electrons and search for signals from dark matter through high sensitivity cosmic-ray observations with the CALorimeter (CAL) instrument. To support gamma-ray observations with CAL in the range of a few GeV to 10 TeV, the CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (CGBM) is attached to the CALET platform. The CGBM consists of two scintillators: LaBr3(Ce) (7 keV - 1 MeV) and BGO (100 keV - 20 MeV) to cover a wide energy range up to 20 MeV. The CGBM proto-flight model is now being developed, and the pre-flight calibration is planned for June. We report on the current status and expected performance of CGBM for GRB observations.