WF-MAXI: X-ray band burst monitor on ISS/JEM

Author: Nobuyuki Kawai

Abstract: WF-MAXI is a mission to detect and localize short X-ray transients including GRBs and XRFs. We are designing WF-MAXI to be ready for the initial operational phase of the next generation GW telescopes like Advanced LIGO, VIRGO and KAGRA. We chose to use flight-proven technologies developed for MAXI, ASTRO-H, and TSUBAME for a fast development of the mission. The main instrument is Soft X-ray Large-sky Cameras (SLC), pairs of criss-cross coded aperture cameras using CCD as one-dimensional fast-readout detectors covering 0.7-12 keV. HXM (Hard X-ray Monitor), crystal scintillators coupled with APDs, covers the hard X-ray band up to 300 keV. We are going to propose this mission for the next ISS/JEM AO expected in 2013 aiming to start operations in 2018.