Simultaneous event detection rate by electromagnetic and gravitational wave detectors in the Advanced Era of LIGO and VIRGO

Authors: Karelle Siellez, B. Gendre & M. Boer

Abstract: The coalescence of two compact objects is a key target for the new gravitational wave observatories such as Advanced-Virgo (AdV), Advanced-LIGO (ALIGO) and KAGRA. This phenomenon can lead to the simultaneous detection of electromagnetic waves in the form of short GRBs (SGRBs) and gravitational wave transients. This will potentially allow for the first time access to the fireball and the central engine properties. We present an estimation of the detection rate of such events, seen both by a Swift-like satellite and AdV/ALIGO. This rate is derived only from the observations of SGRBs. We show that this rate, if not very high, predicts a few triggers during the whole life time of Advanced LIGO-Virgo. We discuss how to increase it using some dedicated observational strategies. We apply our results to other missions such as the SVOM French-Chinese satellite project or LOFT.