Neutrino Oscillation as constraint in the dynamics of POP III Gamma Ray Burst

Author: Nissim Illich Fraija Cabrera

Abstract: Population III (Pop III) are widely believed to have formed at z > 20 and to be fast rotating stars with a range of mass of hundreds of solar masses. In particular, those with mass M ≥ 260 MSun are expected to collapse resulting in black holes (BH) with very little mass loss. Due to the very high mass involved and its expected fast rotation during the collapse, accretion disks and subsequently ultra-relativistic jets are developed, given rise to gamma-ray bursts (GRB) of high energy. We derive the neutrino self-energy and the effective potential up to order 1/MW4 in the base of a this gamma-ray burst fireball flow which is composed by electrons and positrons. Many of these neutrinos will propagate through of it and may oscillate resonantly. Using the two and three neutrino mixing we study the possibility of resonant oscillation and based of this we estimate the observables of the fireball.