GRB X-ray flares and their connection to the prompt emission

Authors: Eda Sonbas, G. A. MacLachlan, K.S. Dhuga, A. Shenoy, W. C. Parke

Abstract: We have investigated the time variations in the light curves from a sample of GRBs detected by the Fermi and Swift missions using an impartial wavelet analysis. We focus primarily on the behavior of the flaring region of Swift-XRT light curves in order to establish connections between variability time scales with pulse parameters (e.g rise times, decay times, widths, strengths, and separation distributions) and spectral lags, extracted by fitting the global maximum in the Cross Correlation Function (CCF) by a gaussian function. Tight correlation between these temporal features suggest a common origin for the production of X-ray flares and the prompt emission in GRBs.