Connecting the properties of central engine powered SNe to their (mildly)-relativistic jets (invited)

Author: Raffaella Margutti

Abstract: The small sample of firmly associated SNe/GRBs (including standard and sub-energetic GRBs) reveals a wide dispersion in their explosion properties. Here I review the properties of their thermal and non-thermal emission in the X-rays and radio and show the new results for the latest identifications. Contrary to ordinary, non-relativistic Ibc SNe, the X-ray and radio observations of SNe associated to GRBs reveal the presence of a central engine which is still active days and weeks after the explosion. Here I show that the X-ray and radio observations at t ≥ 10 days since the SN explosion point to a different central engine powering cosmological vs. nearby, sub-energetic GRBs.