Gamma-ray burst observations with ISON network

Author: Alexei Pozanenko, L. Elenin, E. Litvinenko, A. Matkin, Y. Kruglyi, A. Volnova, A. Erofeeva, A. Ivanov, D. Varda, E. Sinyakov, N. Tungalag, R. Inasaridze, V. Kouprianov, I. Molotov

Abstract: The ISON network comprises several worldwide observatories equipped mostly with unified detectors and telescopes of small aperture up to 0.5m. The ISON project is originally devoted to space debris observations. Since 2010 ISON started observations of GRB. The network, instruments and future developments are described. Statistics of the observations and particularly results of rapid follow-up observations of GRB 100901, GRB 120308A and GRB 120811C are presented. After two years of GRB observations one can conclude that worldwide network of small aperture telescopes is an efficient tool for GRB investigation.